Four Calling Birds
Groundhog Day and Super Bowl VII
Hedgehog Resolution Run
Albert Einstein Caricature
Reggie Watts Caricature
Phil Mickelson Caricature
President Barack Obama Caricature
The Three Wise Guys Visit the New Born King
May I Interest You in a Happy Easter…
A Very Beary Christmas
Hoppy Easter - Easter Card 2016
Ho, Ho, Ho - Christmas Card 2015
Christmas Star Team
Auld Lang Syne Tribute - Christmas Card 2013
Easter Monday - Easter Card 2013
Fish Tacos for Dinner
Beginner Kayak
Octopus Hunting Crab with his Favorite Arm
Ravens Playing with Black Feather
VooDoo Frog
Chloe, the Elephant Gymnast
The Ribbits Bluegrass Band
Leafy Seadragon and Parrotfish
Raccoons Parkouring in Seattle
Sherluck the Duck
Stanley, the Collared Lizard
Saber-toothed Tiger Drummer
El Chinchilla Barbaro
Sax for Change
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